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PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 12:35 pm 
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A great article on the latest f--k ups by the powers that be in Spanish rugby, some clear examples of what's really holding the sport back in this country. I've corrected the google translation as best I could, didn't have time to do it myself but it's pretty understandable.


By Fermin de la Calle. Published on 17 May, 2017.

"I always say that rugby is the only team sport that has not exploded in Spain. Now I understand why. It is an all against all constant. The Federation and clubs are unable to look at anything with perspective. It is the only time in my career that I have seen how a sport can be cannibalised from the inside out, doing everything possible not to move forward ... I hope there is a turning point because I believe in rugby and its values. Some day it could become professional in all areas. "

These are words of Fernando Ruiz, director of Eurosport in Spain, a journalist with more than three decades of experience in high level coverage. The person who backed the opening of a Eurosport window to Spanish rugby to place it at the height of the Tour of Italy or Roland Garros. They will agree that far above the best of any rugby fan's expectations. Between Contador and Nadal.

On January 22, Spanish rugby first appeared on the Eurosport screen in a very entertaining Valladolid derby. Twelve weeks later, the network has broadcast nine league games, a quarter-final, a Copa semifinal and the Iberdrola Women's Division Final (thanks girls!). Valladolid, Hernani, Santander, Madrid, Santboi, Burgos ...

The games were chosen by the Federation, who has invested more than 120,000 euros in the production of them. An investment that today has become an expense because it has not added one euro to the account of advertising revenue or sponsorship of the FER. Perhaps because the work of Peter Boland was held back. He was the person in charge of selling 'Spanish rugby' and getting returns, and in addition to being one of those responsible for the agreement FER-Eurosport with Aitor Aristegui. A week ago Peter resigned because "it was simply unsustainable to work without criteria, without direction and without teamwork."

In these 14 weeks there are four teams that have not been able to appear on screen: Ciencias, FC Barcelona and Gernika. On the opposite side, VRAC has been televised four times and Santboiana, three. Precisely these two teams are those that have systematically prevented the recording of their coach or captain's talk in their changing room. In a single day up to five teams refused to change the schedule and slammed the rebroadcast of their match at Eurosport. Being true to reality, the only two clubs that have offered all kinds of facilities from the first day to the last are Independiente de Santander and Ordizia. Many others have been fattening their relationship with the television network.

In spite of the obstacles, the trips and the quarrels between clubs, the retransmissions have been growing with improvements in the realization and thanks to the complicity of the good people of many clubs who have understood that they had an opportunity before them to show in the window of Eurosport the virtues of their club. Added to this was the appearance of a space in the podcast of the COPE channel 'Planeta Eurosport' and the speaker of diffusion of the accounts of the social networks and the web of Eurosport.

However, now that the decisive moment of the season has arrived Spanish rugby has left Eurosport in the lurch. The turning point came when the Federation agreed with another channel to rebroadcast the King's Cup while deliberately lying on the negotiating table with Eurosport, showing even the conditions of the sheet that had already signed the other channel. The result is known by all. The final of the Cup of Valladolid was seen in another channel commentated from a studio in Madrid with an audience of 69,000 spectators, for the 62,000 they had that same weekend on Eurosport watching snooker.

Last April 26, a meal between Alfonso Feijoo and three members of Eurosport was held to express to the president, with whom there has always been a direct and sincere treatment, his discomfort with what happened in the Cup and in which far from parking the Project was proposed the organization of an unprecedented event in Spanish rugby: a Super Saturday that will bring together the two semifinals televised consecutively at 17:00 and 19:00. Known already that the two semifinals would be played in Valladolid, but not who would be the rivals of the confirmed semifinalists. Therefore, a perfect moment to inform the clubs that were still to organize the trips.

However, the communication hung in the air and when the idea was proposed, the Santboiana flatly refused because of "the amateur character of it's team" and the inability to travel on Friday. Something he had done in the Cup, but on that occasion was paid by the organization and now the expense would be their own. From Valladolid, in addition, it was pointed out that there was an air of pay-back from the Catalans for feeling mistreated in the organization of the Cup. But these are interpretations in which I do not intend to enter. Two weeks before this, the Federation had forced Olimpico to play away in the final of the Women's League and CRAT to move to Burgos because of the interest shown by Iberdrola. The FER finds it easier to impose its judgment on girls.

Last Monday Eurosport met, through social networks (where we have discovered too many things) that the semifinals would be played on Saturday at 18:00 hours and Sunday at 13:30. Neither at 5:00 pm on Saturday at the window open to Super Saturday, nor at 12:30 on Sunday at the usual window time. The justification for delaying the semifinal Sunday was "organising of the U-16 Championship" in El Pepe Rojo by El Salvador. It seems less surprising that those who were able to fill Zorrilla have not been able to free the Red Pepe from a tournament of kids an hour earlier.

Eurosport, tired of the lack of involvement of the clubs and the warmth of the Federation, has been forced to curb this nonsense. While the two sides (FER and clubs) are being blamed, the channel will fulfill the signed retransmission of a semifinal and the final on Saturday 27 live or deferred on Sunday 28. One minute after the conclusion of the final the contract with Spanish Rugby will be terminated, a federation that has not been up to the height of the egoism of the clubs and the lack of diligence of a Federation in which too many people share the feeling that Feijoo is not able to impose itself on that structure that ruled in Ferraz since the last century: More, Epalza and Rafa Sempere. There are too many things that Alfonso does not know and leave in bad condition, mortgaging his word many times. And it's not opinion, it's information.

Spanish rugby is filling it's mouth with values ​​they do not practice. In the NBA the television imposes dead times in decisive moments of parties and in soccer the schedules and the dates, including the Real Madrid-Barcelona, set by the TV. But in Spanish rugby we have to think we are smarter than everyoneone and it is the television that must conform to our demands. Michael Robinson left in his day with empty pockets after being deceived by the leaders of our rugby. I know because I'm still owed money by the franchises of that Superibérica. Now it is Eurosport who is heading to the exit after six months enduring true defiance.

Our rugby is myopic. As long as we do not understand that we must compete for our club in the field and out of the field for the growth of rugby, we will continue to be what Fernando Ruiz pointed out, "a sport that cannibalised from the inside, doing its best not to move forward." In the Federation, the communication director, whose working age is already amortized, and the owner of the fund office, celebrate the failures of each initiative that endangers the status quo and its power. What I never suspected is that the very clubs that speak so bad about the FER were their great accomplices. There are those who point out that the solution is to create the Association of Clubs. The same ones who do not agree to play a Super Saturday? Let's be serious. Fernando, thanks for the patience. Next year swimming, or any other federation that knocks on Eurosport's doors will inherit the rugby window. We have not managed to earn the respect of Eurosport. Pichot said in his farewell: Goodluck because you'll will need it!

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