NZ Rugby finally realises - It’s Hammer Time

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Re: NZ Rugby finally realises - It’s Hammer Time

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Yeah think the Rennie guy is a top coach. Already pick 2 additional Wallopies outside 60 tests from overseas. Also Good on Australia hosting the RCs. Watched some past test videos Boks never welcome in nz. Would've been harder to sit isolated seeing SA hasn't had any rugby instead of getting to training as Aus. allow.
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Re: NZ Rugby finally realises - It’s Hammer Time

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RandomNavigat0r wrote: Tue Sep 15, 2020 8:58 am What about the huge increases in domestic violence abuse and the lack of confidence these victims are experiencing with the government.. the suicides from folded up businesses and lack of jobs. Untill that is assessed then the deaths from people dying from COVID with preexisting conditions cannot be compared. Of course the government won't want this data tracked.
It’s great to see that everyone finally cares about mental health and violence against women. I look forward to bipartisan support the next time a levy backed system is proposed to support people in trouble.
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Re: NZ Rugby finally realises - It’s Hammer Time

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RuggaBugga wrote: Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:09 pm I personally couldn't give a shit about where a few poxy games of rugby are being played and I can't believe the majority of the public do either.

There's people losing jobs and going bankrupt and losing homes and businesses all over the show. It's quite frankly pathetic.

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Your best post ever.
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