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Gavin Henson splits from Charlotte Church and is Devastated according to friends
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Re: Internet: Yes or No

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It'll only be modern societies that fall to this haze of addictive toxicity and extreme weathers. Humanity will likely muddle on.
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Re: Internet: Yes or No

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Nolanator wrote: Thu Nov 19, 2020 9:11 am
SFBB wrote: Thu Nov 19, 2020 8:28 am The internet hasn’t made me a better person, but it did expose me to all of you lot which has made me feel like a better person in comparison.
Be fair. Because of the internet you got to save an idiot backpacker from prison in Cork.
Thats one of my go-to stories at parties tbf
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Re: Internet: Yes or No

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Jeff the Bear wrote: Thu Nov 19, 2020 5:08 am As such, I now think that historians will look back on this period and see things like Facebook harvesting personal data and selling it off = Nuclear bomb going off, or Instagram perpetuating unhealthy attainment goals that lead to mental health issues amongst youngsters = Nuclear bomb going off etc. Essentially, the internet has the capacity to be way more devastating than a nuclear bomb as it's reach is unparalleled, as it sits in the pocket of almost every adult on the planet.
It is undoubtedly the most effective channel for disseminating propaganda that has ever been invented.

Dangerous extremists have always found ways of getting their messages into people's brains, and it's hard to blame the tools for the ways in which they are used. After all, it was radio that was the mechanism for kicking off the Rwandan genocide, and no one is concerned about the dangers of radio. But the internet is so much more effective, and so much more dangerous. Comparing its threat potential to that of radio is like comparing an atom bomb to a rocket launcher.

Certainly, the effect of the internet in spreading lethal propaganda is being noted in Ethiopia, which is on the verge of ethnic genocide due to the amount of propaganda and misinformation being spread exceptionally rapidly on Facebook. With the sad irony being that previously it was online platforms like Facebook that had allowed journalists and other citizens to bypass oppressive governmental restrictions on mainstream media - exactly the benefit that free speech advocates point to in favour of online platforms. Every tool can be used for good or for evil: nuclear can provide almost unlimited energy as well as the potential for annihilation; a gun can be used in self-defence or to commit murder; the internet can spread information or propaganda.

The only option is regulation to dictate how tools can be used, but the question becomes who do you trust to create the rules? It's a tricky one.

On the other hand... porn.

So maybe it's not so tricky after all.
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Re: Internet: Yes or No

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One key thing to note is that through the large tech companies the internet if basically run by the left.
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Re: Internet: Yes or No

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They are too tolerant alright
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