Welcome to the Planet Rugby Forum. Rules: Please Read.

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Welcome to the Planet Rugby Forum. Rules: Please Read.

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The Rules

The Sign UP agreements are the basic laws of the land. The overarching goal of the moderation staff is to keep your experience here (mostly) family- and work-friendly. To that end, we ask that you keep the following rules in mind:

Overall Aims:

- respect for the aims of the Bored and that is that it is primarily a rugby forum
- respect for the posters (personal abuse will not be tolerated and leave families out of it)
- respect for the readers (they have not come here to read porn or personal attacks laced with profanities)
- respect for the moderators (if asked to do something, please comply)

Don't post OPEN porn.
Many of us read this forum at work, or at home with our families present. Thus, pictures of attractive women are okay to post, but those women must be presentable or, if not, spoliered. Full-frontal nudity is not okay. . If you're still in any doubt about whether your picture is porn or not, ask yourself if you'd be comfortable with a boss or parent seeing it. If not, we probably don't want to see it either. AT WORST SPOILER OR NSFW IT. This leads us to our second rule:

Don't post disgusting images.
Because of the circumstances above, posting images containing copious gore, bodily fluids, or other crap (let your imagination run wild, someone on the Internet probably has a pic) is also prohibited. 'Nuff said.

Don't post personal details of other posters
You must have their permission to do this. This includes obtaining details from other web sources and reproducing them here, including pictures

Don't swear in thread titles.
Self-explanatory. If you do so, expect your thread title to be edited or the thread to be removed completely. $h!t, fsck, p!$$, etc., are not kosher either.

Personal Details
Any personal detail revealed in support threads such as either the drink/mental health threads cannot be used as bait in other threads. These threads are protected. Similarly, posts alluding to a poster's mental health generally are similarly verboten.

Don't post about drugs.
Also self-explanatory. Threads SPECIFICALLY about possession, use, experiences, or acquisition of controlled substances will be removed on sight. Again, jokes are inevitable, be prudent.

There is a fine line between stereotyping humour and offence. Stay the right side of it. This goes for race, religion, sexuality etc. Think of it simply- if you told the joke at a party, would it be on the edge of PC? If the answers yes, it’s OK. If it’s no, it’s not.

Don't troll other users.

While we all can take a mild ribbing, it is possible to go too far in deriding another user. If you find yourself composing an incoherent, angry rant towards another user, please take a few deep breaths and restrain yourself. If you flame someone anyway, we'll give you a vacation from posting for a couple of days so that you can collect yourself. "Call-out" threads will earn you similar treatment. If the offence is bad enough, we’ll take serious action.

Don't troll, prank, or otherwise screw with other boards on PR
This is a community, not a group of factions presented in list format on the forums index. You may not discuss, provoke, or organize attacks on other forums or users, for reasons "humorous" or otherwise. Participating in or organizing such an event will cause temporary or permanent loss of your account privileges, depending on moderator judgment.

Respect moderator requests.
If a moderator or administrator asks you to do something, please do it.


Are NOT permitted. A shoot on sight policy will be adopted if this happens.

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage cannot act, any poster found not disparaging this cretins 'work' will be subject to immediate deletions or immense amounts of ridicule

General Catchall: Moderators have the right to remove any content, at any time, for any reason whatsoever, without explanation. For clarification, please read the PR Terms of Service. This right is exercised rarely and not without good reason.

If you find a violation of the above in a user's post or thread, please alert the moderators by using the report button


While we do not enjoy employing them, moderators have tools at their disposal to enforce the rules we set.

User bans are reserved for the most reprehensible violations of the above rules. Bans are permanent. Posting porn, discrimination and total trolling are the only usual reasons for an immediate ban. If you rack up a large number of posting probations, we may choose to ban you if you don't take the hint.

If you violate the terms above, we’ll act as to the severity of the crime- it could be a ban, an email/message asking you to wind it in.

Typical probation times typically fall between one day and one month, depending upon the severity of the offense committed and the history of the user in question.

Please enjoy your time in Planet Rugby. If you have any questions, please contact us through the usual email addresses.

Moderators: Hong Kong, Blackblackblack, Auckman, Blindcider, SASP, Zappaman, Thomas.
Mod-Consultant: Enzedder.
Adminstrator: Jake.

These rules are to help the smooth running of the Forum.

They come into effect as of 12/11/12 and are not retrospective.
Planet Rugby
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Re: Welcome to the Planet Rugby Forum. Rules: Please Read.

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Please also note the updated Mod list.