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Re: JRWC 2018 - France

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Laurent wrote:
Bobcock wrote:
Fenman wrote:This point comes up repeatedly. The tournament is in the format it is because (a) it is a development tournament (all teams must start every squad member at least once in the group stages, which is one of the rules that proves the fact)
Really? Certainly not how the Japanese played it, the guy I was there to see got two substitute appearances in the whole event and one of the kids didn’t get changed into his kit for the whole tournament......
Japanese team is the team that rotated the least.
Seriously that is a crap way of doing things.

The French decided to keep a prop in squad after his knee injury (to be Fair they did not need to bring anyone )
Not really, current format forces the promoted teams to go all out since they desperately need to retain their spot in the world cup. Japan's goal was staying in the tournament and coming back next year with more experience. It would be stupid of them to waste such an opportunity and not play their best possible lineup. I think it was a correct decision too since they came so very close in 3 games. literally a little tailwind could've won them one of those. They didn't make headlines because they got demoted but if we compare them to Fiji from last year I think they were miles better.
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