When Life Imitates Art - The Wire

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Re: When Life Imitates Art - The Wire

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Dubya Howard wrote:
Tehui wrote:
DragsterDriver wrote:I absolutely loved it, the wire and sopranos are something i'll sit and watch again someday :thumbup:
I've still yet to watch the Sopranos. Or Breaking Bad. I'll give them a go soon as they've been well reviewed.

The Wire is in my fav top 3 TV shows of all time with Game of Thrones and Lost.
FFS you haven't watch the Sopranos or Breaking Bad either?! What the fudge have you been doing with your TV life?

That's my top 3 right there. If I was to rate them it would be

The Wire
Breaking Bad
I don't watch much TV to be honest. I used to.
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