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Re: Steele Dossier

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zzzz wrote:
6.Jones wrote:

I believe the word you're grasping for is administration.

But yes, that'd be worrying, if there was any evidence it happened that way. In reality, what Trump was investigated for was credible evidence of collusion with a foreign power, resulting in an FBI counter-intelligence operation. We should all be grateful such investigations happen, regardless of which side of politics we're on.

Your arguments might have more weight if Trump was the only candidate being investigated by the FBI at the time.

This is just more of the cacophony of blather that accompanies Trump, wherever he goes. Yawn.
Do you actually believe that horsehit! The Steele document and it's use is a litmus test for good faith actors in US politics. It should transcend party politics.

By the way, the Steele dossier wasn't commisioned by the Washington Free Beacom. It was commisioned by the DNC.
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