The perfect gift for the Woke/SJW/Greeny/Corbynite

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Re: The perfect gift for the Woke/SJW/Greeny/Corbynite

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Winnie wrote:
EverReady wrote:Our ownership goes back to when we invaded Scotland, settled it, and left it with its more interesting folk.
So the plantation of ulster was really people just coming home then :thumbup:
No no. You are the woopsie lowland sorts. If it was the coming home types we would have invaded again by now instead of...of...well whatever you do up there
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Re: The perfect gift for the Woke/SJW/Greeny/Corbynite

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mdaclarke wrote:
happyhooker wrote:
mdaclarke wrote: ... roops.html

Can't imagine M and S allowing this to stay on their shelves for too long. Someone is going to get a big boot up the backside
My uncle and I are quite left wing. And bimbo has called me woke

You may want to think about this for a second, but do you really think we'd like this as a gift?
No, Michael Foot supported the Falklands War. Most left wing people are patriotic and love their country.

I'm talking about the champagne socialist/Do as I say not as I do merchant/Trustafarian/hypocrite SJW/Progressive/Greeny/Corbynite in our lives. We all know them. They are the White Saviours who latch onto any protest of the day and for whom Britain always means bad and Non Britain always means good.
Yea, you don't know the backstory. We didn't 'support' it you bellend.

Your title is obnoxious. If you gave my uncle that as a gift I'd enjoy seeing him stuff it down your throat even though he has only one leg.

As for the rest of your bollocks. I'm one of the north east london liberal 'elite' that you appear to despise (despite my job). About the only 2 things on your list is that I do act the way I wish others did and Corbyn was a dipshit.

The vitriol you spray out is disgusting and, ah fúck it, you're a saffa, but it's pretty much why I'm hardly posting anymore.
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