Found a couple of things - You maybe or notbe into

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Found a couple of things - You maybe or notbe into

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Forgive me if these have been discussed and have threads, but I was looking at podcasts in the past couple of weeks.Interview type ones with people that don't have the time pressures of your TV type programs that have to talk about latest TV programs etc,

Some people may find them boring

Found a couple of cool ones.

They are not your usual inteviews. The first ones are about an hour long.

And the second halfish hour

Couple of samples

First is a comedian called Richard Herring.

I don't actually find the bloke funny doing stand up, but the interviews are good imo. You have to put up with about 5 minutes of his shit stand up before the guest comes on. Or you can just fast forward

Stephen Fry -

John Lloyd (Dude who created Blackadder, QI, Spitting Image, Not the Nine O'Clock News) -

Second is Robert Llewellyn (Edit: Should add he is the bloke who played Kryten in Red Dwarf) doing a driving round thing called carpool, where he just drives round with them in a hybrid talking about stuff.

Patrick Stewart -

Brian Cox - (bit sciencey warning for the thick posters, as he is a cool famous one. Refer CERN) -
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