This year's Rugby Championship?

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This year's Rugby Championship?

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It will be interesting to see how this tournament operates this year. I hope SANZAAR are much more organised this year than they were in 2020.

It's obvious to me that there is no way anyone will be touring South Africa or Argentina. Not in just a few months time with the health situations in both nations.

I just hope the SARU don't hold the other nations to ransom like they did last year. Apparently contractually the SARU will still get paid if they don't send the Springboks again, so I suspect that's what they wil do. They will make up a plausible excuse, like the 400 minutes lie, but the reality is they don't currently have control of their players. Their players are almost all playing in the NH, and their clubs won't release them because of COVID-19 risk and the additional timelines associated with quarantine in NZ or Australia. I think that South Africa should just try and join a NH comp this year because whilst the Springboks remain in a SH tournament, all their players are stuck up north.

I'm resigned to the Rugby Championship not happening this year. I'm looking forward to the Bledisloe Cup, and hopefully a Tri Nations tournament with Argentina, all played before capacity crowds.
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